JCPA    Providing Support to Jackson County Parks

Jackson County Parks Association
1992 Warren Ave.
Jackson, MI 49203






Phone:  517-788-4320

How you can help JCPA
Donations are always welcome to help us fund new projects for the Jackson County Parks

Honorary Donations
You may send gifts in honor of special people or events in their lives.…celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.  Please indicate who is being honored and where to send a notification of the gift.

Memorial Donations
Families often request that charitable gifts be sent in lieu of flowers at the time a loved one passes away.  We would be honored if you consider asking people to send such memorial gifts to the Jackson County Parks Association.  If you choose to donate in this way please ask them to indicate who is being honored, as well as who should be notified of the memorial gift, (e.g., surviving spouse, parent or child) by including a name and address where we can send the notification.

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated by the Jackson County Parks Association and go towards current and future projects.  Donors not wishing to be recognized may give anonymous donations. 

 Providing for Jackson County Parks in Your Will
This is a way to provide lasting support for our Mission to the Jackson County Parks. 

Our Mission Statement
To provide financial and volunteer support to Jackson County Parks for the expansion and improvements of services and resources of the Parks and to promote the responsible use of the Parks. 

Please send all donations to:
Attn:  Treasurer
Jackson County Parks Association
1992 Warren Avenue
Jackson, MI 49203

Phone:  517-788-4320

Cleaning Lagoons at Cascades Park

                 Cascades Falls